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1. Have you invested in Fix Deposits
• Do you know rate of Inflation is far higher than returns on FD’s
• Do you know year by year Money is loosing its value , meaning 100 Rs today will be equivalent to just 10 Rs after few years.
• In effect – we are losing money year by year , through FD’s
2. Have you invested in property
• Has property prices really been increasing as expected
• Do you know Property is highly illiquid asset
3. Have you tried investing/ trading stocks
• But stopped, as you suffered losses
4. Do you want to stop depreciation of your money, and gain good profits on your idle money
C_bot  is here to help you

C_bot automatically deploys stock investment and stock trading strategies in order to maximize returns and minimize the risk.
# Stocks Investment
Stocks in this category are Fundamentally strong and have fair evaluation
Expected returns : 15 - 20 % per year 
• Stocks Sizing : 10 - 15  stocks
# Stocks Trading
• Stocks in this category takes benifit of market momentum
Expected returns : 3 - 5 % per month
• Stocks Sizing : 10 - 15  stocks
# Pricing
• Free



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